Tatjana Simić

Tatjana Simić is my great idol since the summer of 1988 when she scored an international top-10 summer hit with her single “Chica Cubana”. I have continued to follow Tatjana from that moment to the present day. Tatjana Simić was born in the Yugoslav Zagreb (now Croatia) on 9 June 1963. Tatjana grew up together with her father, mother and sister.

On 3 October 1979 Tatjana arrived together with her sister Gordana in the Netherlands (Rotterdam). Her mother Branka had come to Rotterdam a year earlier because she could get a good job. Tatjana started working in a hotel and later she worked in the sports and recreation department of the city of Rotterdam where she worked until she broke through as an artist in the Netherlands. Her father was left behind in Zagreb.

A friend of Tatjana secretly gave Tatjana up in 1982 for a miss election for the weekly magazine Panorama. Tatjana was second in this miss election and graced the cover of the magazine.

Film maker Dick Maas was at that time looking for an actress for the role of the lascivious daughter of the Flodder family. Tatjana did a casting and got the role of daughter Kees Flodder who turned out to be perfect for her.

In addition to the three Flodder films and the 72-part television series of the same name, Tatjana also appeared as an actress in films such as “My blue heaven”, “Im schatten der angst”, “Starke seiten” and “Telelens”.

Even before the movie Flodder was shown in the cinema, a trailer of the film appeared on television in which Tatjana was also shown. A businessman saw the trailer and wondered if Tatjana could also sing. After a phone call Tatjana came to a studio and she appeared to have a golden voice and in 1987 her debut single “Baby Love” appeared. After a great national success with this single, Tatjana as singer had her European breakthrough with the hit single “Chica Cubana” and in the following years regularly stormed the international hit parades with songs like “Awaka-Boy boy”, “Feel Good”, ” Santa Maria “,” Baila Baila “and many others. Also, several albums of Tatjana appeared over the years. Tatjana was allowed to sell more than twenty million compact discs and vinyl records worldwide over the years.

No less than 15 times Tatjana decorated the cover of the men’s magazine Playboy, in the magazine there was always room for beautiful photo shoots. Tatjana also proved to be enormously successful as a model. Tatjana appeared in many international magazines and also published her own annual pin-up calendars.

In 2013 Tatjana was fifty years old and she decided to permanently end her work as a successful multimedia artist. Enough is enough said Tatjana herself. You have to stop at the height of your career.

Today, Tatjana lives outside the spotlight of the showbiz and lives with her lover in beautiful Monaco.

Lex and Tatjana in Monaco, 2017

Here you can listen to my favorite Tatjana song ever. The song “Awaka-Boy boy” was released in November 1988 on the High Fashion Music label. (catalog number CD-single: 110073.2) distribution: Dureco records – Weesp, Holland.