A letter from hell

Dear reader,

I am writing this letter because I want to warn you seriously not to come to this terrible place where I am now! Hell is really a terrible place. I constantly suffer from pain in the flames!

Because in my rich earthly life I have completely passed away from God and only lived for myself and my temporary pleasures, I am now here in hell. I know that it is a righteous judgment, because I have made the choice to live without God.

In the past when I was still living on earth, I was a very rich man, I could do everything and buy whatever I wanted and regularly held a wonderful party in my house! There was often a poor beggar right in front of my house, which I now know is called Lazarus. I remember what I thought when they said: “That beggar who always sat in front of your house has died”. I thought: “I’m pretty off of that”. However, a few days later, I died completely unexpectedly of cardiac arrest.

When I opened my eyes under the enormous torment, I saw that Lazarus was on the other side of the insurmountable chasm, he sat on Abraham’s lap and he was comforted by him.

I now know that Lazarus lives in a beautiful house with God in heaven, while I have to suffer from eternal pain from a deep pit, the fire will never go out in eternity!

I had called to the other side and begged, “Please Abraham, have pity on me and send Lazarus so that he may dip the tip of his finger in the water to cool my tongue, for I am suffering in this flame”! But unfortunately, all my attempts were in vain …

Then I remembered that I still had five brothers on earth and asked Abraham if it would be possible to have Lazarus return to earth one more time to warn them seriously so that they too will not end up in this awful place.

Also this request was not granted because it was said: “If man does not want to listen to God’s Word, then he also does not listen to someone who rises from the dead!”

Fortunately, I was allowed to write you this warning letter. Please, do you repent to Jesus Christ, He died for all your sins on the cross, He is truly the only Way that does not end at the gate of hell. He is the only Way that leads to the gate of heaven!

Please do not make the same mistake as I did before by passing over to God and living only for your own temporary pleasures! Call on Jesus and follow Him alone, now it is possible before it is too late for you and will burn forever in these flames of hell.

Do not you believe me? Please read my letter again carefully in the Bible, it can be found in Luke 16: 19-31.

with the warning greetings of a once rich man!

P.S. Please do not view this letter as a threat, but as a loving warning from God who really does not want you to end up in hell but will be with Him in Heaven (1 Peter 3: 9). However, God created you with your own free will, which means that He can not force you to repent to Jesus Christ. God is love but love does not force!

God is also righteous, He can not possibly condone your unpardoned sins if you do not come to the Lord Jesus Christ!

It is “yes” (with Jesus – heaven) or “no” (without Jesus – hell), you make this choice in this life! But remember that if you do not choose at all and leave everything in your life as it is now, you have chosen …